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5SOS - VMAs (Icons)

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Anonymous: im newer to the 5sos fam, and I've seen a few things around that Ashton used to cut himself before he joined 5sos (THIS IS NOT A DRAMA STARTER I PROMISE) ... i just wanted to know if this is true, not that if he did/does it matter, we all still love him forever, i just can't find anything on google ... (again, I'm not trying to start/spread untrue things, just curious cause i loves him.) xx

Hi! Ashton never confirmed or denied anything. There’s no way anyone on here, Twitter or any other social media site could know this except Ashton and maybe his close friends/family. After all, it’s something that has nothing to do with us, fans. Ashton knows we love him and want all the best for him (and the boys), but this is something that shouldn’t be discussed even if we don’t mean to start drama or rumours.

P.S. Welcome to the fandom. :) x

@Luke5SOS: I have a love hate relationship with pants


@Calum5SOS: Sorry for my illiteracy, I dropped out of school for this band


What’s one thing that you guys say a lot? +